The Poetry Meets Series

The Poetry Meets Series is an international, multilingual community event showcasing visual art & film, spoken words, DJs* & musicians and lyrically endowed (f)emcees* from Berlin and beyond. Started off with Poetry Meets Hip Hop as a fast-growing popular platform for Hip Hop heads and poets likewise, the monthly event Poetry Meets Soul evolved as a smooth version of PMHH, combining the intimacy of Rhythm and Blues, Soul Music and the Poetry of Jazz. Chosen Artists of various backgrounds use their words and music to empower, heal and transform the power of coming together into enabling the audience to take part in this journey of magical moments. Inspire and get inspired by Spoken Word Artists and Hip Hop Heads, Jazz Musicians, Instrumentalists and Filmmakers in spaces of togetherness and empowerment. Artists such as DarkMatter, Fatima Moumouni, Kersha Bailey, Musa Okwonga, JuJu Rogers, Amewu, Babiche Papaya, Kenny Wesley and many more have rocked the stage



Shelly Phillips

Am 27.08.1991 erblickt Shelly Phillips das Licht der Welt und ihre erste Frage war:"wo ist denn das Klavier?" Da sagte ihre Mama:" Hab Geduld kleine Shelly. warte noch 7 magische Jahre und du wirst sehen..." Und so kam der Tag auf den Shelly so sehnsüchtig wartete.

Sie spielte und spielte und für eine lange Weile waren Mozart und Bach treue Gefährten. Doch Shelly war das nicht genug. Der Beat musste her!!
Schlagzeug beim großen Vladimir Sigarev lernen. Das wollte und tat sie dann auch.

Doch auch das war nicht genug!
Also ölte sie sich die Stimme und nahm Mama's alte Gitarre in die Hand. Erstmal die Akkorde der Lieblingslieder lernen und dann das Eigene singen.

Das raus singen,was weh tut und auch das was sie kaum singen lässt vor Lachen. Und das tut Sie noch heute...ohne Kompromisse.


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Betül studiert Medienpsychologie an der Universität zu Köln und ist eine Hip-Hop-tanzende Wortakrobatin.
Sie ist Teil der i,Slam Crew und wird dieses Jahr im i,Slam Poetry Slam Finale Köln repräsentieren. Zurzeit arbeitet sie bei der AJS NRW als Medienpsychologin an dem Projekt „bildmachen“.





Babiche papaya

Babiche Papaya was born in 1993 in Rwanda. She predominantly grew up in Germany. The actress and rapper collected the first stage experience at Ballhaus-Naunynstrasse in the stage play Schizo!
As part of the short films series Kiez-Monatsschau, she realized Contributions to the topics of Black Prospects and the NSU.  In 2014 and '15, she starred in the award-winning Web series Polyglot. The series deals with the life of migrant artists. In her texts, she deals with love, intersectionality and the challenges of a black youth in Germany. Since October 2014, she studies African Studies and Area Studies with the focus on Africa at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

©Artur Rundt

©Artur Rundt

Kaleo Sansaa

Kaleo Sansaa is an experimentalist at heart.
She fuses loop station sessions, field recordings and traditionally composed beats. Through live set formations that include music and elements of poetry, Sansaa hopes to ever emulate feelings of a spontaneous and spirit guided creation process on stage. She sees her poetry, music and performances as a gift from somewhere: maybe from below, above, around or from places and spaces non-existent at all. Her productions often end up as moods that seem far-fetched while upholding a certain sense of familiarity.